Ethiopia Koke Amber [Carbonic Maceration Natural]

    Ethiopia Koke Amber [Carbonic Maceration Natural]

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    Region:​ Koke Amber
    Varietal:​ Heirloom

    Elevation:​ 1,900 MASL
    Processing: Carbonic Maceration Natural

    Roast Level: Light

    Tasting Note​: 
    Aroma : honey, cacao nibs, white chrysanthemum
    Flavour : H
    ot → warm - sugarcane, blueberry cacao nibs
                   Warm → cold - mangosteen, papayan, cacao nibs
    Aftertaste : long lingering with cacao nibs finishing
    Acidity : Hot → warm - blueberry acidity
                  Warm → cold - rambutan acidity
    Body : Medium smooth body
    Weight : 150g

    About The Coffee

    As our aim is to bring more good beans to coffee enthusiasts, allowing more people to experience some unique flavor profiles, we have decided to introduce a MBrC preliminary competition bean, Ethiopia Koke Amber as part of our exotic series. 

    For the MBrC 2023 preliminary round, Jia Heng, our head roaster, selected a particular coffee bean to present to the judges. He chose the Ethiopia Koke Amber bean because he discovered that it maintained its quality throughout the cup, making it an ideal choice for consumers seeking a superior coffee experience. In addition, Jia Heng wanted to share the pleasure of good coffee with others by choosing an easily accessible bean. “Good coffee means to share”, therefore, he decided to use Ethiopia Koke Amber for the competition.

    Brewing Guide
    Equipment : Hario V60 Immersion Dripper Switch

    Dose :
    Brewing Ratio : 1:12.5
    Water Temperature :
    70 & 95
    Time : 3 minutes
    Brewing steps : 

    1. Pouring 100g of 95℃ hot water blooming for 30sec
    2. At 30 seconds, add another 100g of 95℃ hot water
    3. At 2 minutes, add another 50g of 70℃ hot water then open the valve
    4. Finish the dripping at 3 minutes time

    Equipment : V60
    Dose :
    Brewing Ratio : 1:12
    Water Temperature :
    Time : 2 minutes 10 seconds
    Brewing steps :

    1. Pouring 30g hot water blooming for 30sec
    2. At 30 seconds, add another 90g hot water
    3. At 1 minutes 15 seconds, slowly pour the remaining 60g hot water
    4. Finish the dripping by 2min10sec
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester