Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]
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    Malaysia, Sabah Ranau [Washed]

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    Region: Ranau, Sabah
    Elevation: 1300 - 1450 MASL
    Variety: Catimor
    Processing: Washed
    Tasting Note: Tropical Fruit, Hazelnut Sweetness, Medium Body, Cocoa smooth lingering finish.

    Roaster Notes:
    Sabarica Coffee is a coffee producer for Sabah’s coffee (Coffea arabica species) harvested with love through our sustainable management practices with local coffee plantations in the foothills of Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo.

    Plantation of coffee was introduced to locals at Mount Kinabalu in the 1950s yet commercial harvesting with good processing methods was re-introduced to locals again in recent years through the collaboration between Sabarica and the local coffee farmers and with support from our Agriculture Dept.

    With Sabarica’s sustainable management of the coffee plantation, local cafes and restaurants can enjoy the taste of freshly roasted coffee beans while helping local smallholder farmers and their coffee farms grow.

    The small movement can bring further awareness to everyone about Malaysia farmed specialty coffee. By supporting local coffee, you can help improve the livelihoods of local coffee farmers and drink great Malaysian coffee!

    Brewing Guide
    Filter V60 Handbrew method
    Dose: 18g
    Yield: 30g for 30 seconds, total yield 280g
    Brew Time: 2 minutes (adjust grind size accordingly)
    Water Temperature: 93 degrees

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester

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