A short story about Ghostbird Coffee

Meet our Founder - Thomas Ooi

Fun Fact: Our founder Thomas, was originally not a coffee drinker!Β 

But during a trip to Melbourne, Australia, some things have changed... He tasted a cup of coffee so good, he called it the 'God Cup'. Β 

When Thomas came back to Malaysia, he started a cafe journey called The Owls Cafe, trying to find that same exact taste he has when he was in Australia. Β 

He contacted different suppliers, only to find out that they were not replying. It was not an easy task to source specialty beans in Malaysia at that time!

About Ghostbird Coffee

Quality & Food Safety

Ghostbird decided to set sail on supplying specialty beans only, with the main idea of quality and food safety being the main focus over profits. 

Our signature blend is the Milkyway blend, which consists of specialty beans from Brazil and Indonesia, goes amazing when paired with milk, hence the name. It has an average production of more than 500kg a week!

Better Coffee Together

We get genuinely happy when you enjoy our coffee with a smile on your face. That pushes us to maintain our quality of coffee! 

Because everyone deserves a better cup of coffee.