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Starting Your Coffee Business?

If you are thinking of providing quality coffee to your patrons, you are at the right place .

Ghostbirdโ€™s wholesale program is a tailor made plan, suited to any business aiming to provide delicious coffee to customers. Whether you are just starting up or have been operating your own coffee business, we are here to help!

So what do we offer?
- Coffee Bean Supply
- Academy Training
- Technician Support
- Custom Label / OEM
- Collaborations / Workshops
- Consultations

So what do we offer?

Coffee Bean Supply

We offer consistent coffee blends as well as single origin, with a high price to quality ratio. Which means that your patrons will always look forward to that smooth cup of coffee! Our selection are as follows:

- Milkyway
- Gemini
- Aurora
- Moonwalker
- Single Origin

Academy Training

Whether you are a business owner who is currently facing high barista turnover rates or if you want to help hone the skills of your in-house baristas, Ghostbird Academy can help! We want to make sure baristas always make that consistent cuppa. Afterall it is part of your brand!

Only by sharing what we know, will we be able to truly learn and grow together :)

Technician Support

A masterpiece can only be created with superior tools and a craftmaster.

All coffee equipment, whether espresso machines or grinders, are the bread and butter of any coffee business, and we would want them to operate with ideally 0 downtime.

Our experienced technicians are able to diagnose and provide assistance with any coffee equipment our wholesale partners are using. To further help cafe owners, Ghostbird can loan machines to cafe owners so that they can wait for spare parts to arrive!

Custom Labelling

Fancy having your own brand of coffee but facing obstacles along the way? Ghostbird can help you with launching your very own coffee brand to be used or sold!


Creating new coffee blends is now possible! Ghostbird can help fine tune the taste profile you are looking for and create your unique blend!


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