Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63
Bentwood The Vertical 63

    Bentwood The Vertical 63

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    Your grinder for all needs.

    From super fine to extra coarse, the Vertical 63 does it all.

    Thanks to the unique geometry of the 63mm special steel burrs, your taste experience will be enriched no matter if you brew filter, espresso or anything else. 

    Cool Grinding is fundamental to get the best taste out of your coffee, which is why the powerful motor is supported by a double ventilation system to keep the grinder cool. 

    The stepless grind adjustment guides you intuitively to your perfect grind setting by showing an indication of the particle size. Vertical Burrs, a clean set-up and a removeable spout reduce retention to a minimum.

    You can single dose or work with a full hopper, save two different times or use the barista mode to start and stop.

    The adjustable portafilter holder is suitable for all portafilters and easy to adjust without tools.

    The portafilter holder can be permanently fixed or flexibly used, e.g. on top of a scale. 

    The dosing funnel ensures all your coffee grounds go into your portafilter and your working area stays clean.

    It is included with every order of a Bentwood Vertical 63 but can be ordered as well separately. Enjoy!

    Image: Grind size analysis comparison between Mahlkonig EK43 and Bentwood The Vertical 63.
    [Red is Bentwood, Blue is EK43]

    - Vertical 63mm flat burrs with a unique geometry, that deliver excellent taste from fine to coarse
    - Double ventilation system
    - Easy to use stepless grind adjustment
    - Near silent grinding
    - Low retention
    - Time Dosing
    - Portafilter Holder, which works for all portafilters. Can be permanently fixed or kept flexible
    - Extra durable hopper, with a special closing mechanism to reduce oxidation of beans
    - Dosing funnel (58mm) delivered with every grinder
    - Cleaning brush delivered with every grinder
    - Customizing upon request

    Technical Specifications
    Idle Speed: 1400 rpm
    Burr Diameter: 63mm
    Burr Material: Steel
    Max. Nominal Power: 660 W
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 198 x 415 x 550 mm
    Net Weight: 21kg
    Hopper Capacity: ca. 600g
    Portafilter Support: Included
    Standard Color: Black, other colors upon request
    Standard Wood: Light Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut, other woods upon request 

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