Good Coffee? What? Why? How?

by Ghostbird Coffee on January 15, 2021
What defines a great cup of coffee?
I was asked that question over and over again by various friends, café patrons even close relatives. The story begins in 1998 when the first Starbucks open its doors at KL Plaza *Now re-branded as The Fahrenheit 88 at Jalan Bukit Bintang. This was an exciting time for Malaysia as not only it was the year Malaysia play-host to the 1998 Commonwealth Games, it was also the first time Malaysians was introduced to the world of Latte’s, Cappuccino & Americano.
*The Logo Of The 1998 Commonwealth Games
Now spearheading retail lifestyle coffee experience, Starbucks grew the culture of luxury drinking coffee experiences by introducing various coffee program and lifestyle tag-line - Creating A Third Place Environment. What does that mean you asked?
Well, simply put that the First Place we spend our time the most is at our home, the Second place will be our workplace, it can be either offices, or factories, or workhouses, clubs etc. And the Third, is where during our free time, we spend the time resting our soul and build relationships be with our partner, love ones or friends. Sounds Awesome right? Well that was what I was train to do, to make every customer that walk into Starbuck feel at home and welcome. I was one of the first few batches of barista’s that was contributing a tiny share to that growing movement.
*My first job that introduce me to the world of Bar + Rista + ring
With a clear goal & vision, Starbucks transformed an entire generation in Malaysia that was drinking Heavy body coffee Kaw+ness, to latte, Frappuccino, mocha, cappuccino western coffee culture.
It was a movement like no other, as of today Starbucks has open more than 200 stores all across Malaysia. Impressive figure considering Malaysia has only 32.6 million population as compare to our neighbouring country Thailand with a whopping 69 million population but with only 336 retail location.
This new trend of coffee + luxury lifestyle that the younger generation was really hyped about soon brought another new level of coffee trend in the market – we called it – The Third Wave Movement. The First Wave will be Your traditional coffee such as Kopi – O & Nescafe, coffee trends that started the whole caffeine craving thing, The Second Wave would be The Western coffee culture such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or even Dunkin donuts. Coffee trends that spread the love for latte and cappuccino.
The Third Wave however focus on the coffee flavor itself, coffee that has unique flavor characteristic that it can even be trace back to the source and farm even access to the entire coffee processing details, Amazing! And who would have thought that the movement started just 8 hours of flight time from our shore – Melbourne! Dubbed as the mecca of the coffee world!
*Melbourne also created an activity for the young people that eager for new adventure, and that is – Café Hopping Experience, due every corner has a café that serve up delicious coffee, it became a normal routine to arrange time with buddies & friends to check out what every café has to offer.
*Proud Marry Coffee Roaster Melbourne
*Axil Coffee Roaster CBD Melbourne
*Aunty Peg’s Melbourne
By infusing superb customer service, with tattoo hipster beard & hippie music, Melbourne coffee house / Café brought new meaning to what is Luxury Coffee Culture. A culture that focus not only on the end product – the customer experience, but also the beginning of the chain – The farmers that put in blood sweat & tears in ensuring the coffee quality is at its best.
So now you may be wondering, what are the coffees that are drank in the third wave movement? Well as a start, one of the tell tale signs of a third wave cafe would be a filter / hand-brew coffee menu. Due to the quality of coffee sourced are way higher than of second wave, most coffee houses then decided to roast & brewed the coffee in ways that can better preserve and best represent the origin of the farm that they sourced their coffee from.
For example, a really good Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee can have characteristic of Jasmine & Bergamot, Natural tropical fruit sweetness. At Ghostbird coffee roasters I often love brewing coffee like this in a V60 coffee brewing tool which highlights its complexity and aroma. Pretty insane experience I must admit considering the flavors are drastically different to that of a typical Kopi-O.
But this is what makes coffee really exciting, the stories of seeing how farmers benefited from the continuous support that coffee house / café provides, the endless goal of digging into the science of brewing the best possible cuppa by the barista’s , and of course - the passion to serve a tasty good cuppa to you, the guest.
*Being a barista is more than just making coffee, it is about how one can utilize his / her skills & sensory into crafting a beverage that comforts the common soul that desire for a tasty caffeine beverage.
Everyone Deserve A Good Cup Of Coffee
A tagline that we strongly believe in at Ghostbird Coffee Roaster
How do we do that if you may inquire?
I wish I can give you a definite answer, sadly I don’t have it but I do know this,
We often finding ourselves searching for ways to reach out to the community, we strive to continuously pushing ourselves to give back to the community of caffeine craving lovers by hosting events, sharing sessions or even support our local coffee exhibition to spread the love of good coffee experiences. Do watch out on our social media for updates & events shout-out as We are pretty active in that spectrum.
And so if you were to ask me now, what defines a Good Cup of coffee then seeing there are so many choices and style out there?
Be Comfortable With What You Like,
That is my answer, A good cup of coffee as long as comfortable to you, doesn’t break your wallet, a beverage that sparks joy when you take that first sip.
That is my friend, a good cup of coffee.

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