The Common Question of Coffee Wholesale

by Ghostbird Coffee on January 15, 2021
Just yesterday I received a request from my marketing department to write a basic introduction about coffee wholesale with 300 – 500 words that are newsworthy.
I think to myself, these guys must be bonkers, I’ve never gotten any good results in any written essay in my life nor had I scored any good credits in the creative department spectrum.
While I continued driving down the road heading to my next appointment, something struck my head with an idea, well since the topic given to me is to write about coffee wholesale, how about I use the opportunity to answer some common questions or inquiries that I get most of the time as a Wholesale key-person in the company.
Brilliant! I thought, Now let’s get into it shall we ladies & gentleman?
Questions for Wholesale Coffee Supplier
Do you offer training and consulting services to help my business grow?
This is the question that I get 9 out of 10 inquiries, it is no big surprise as many as a business owners, one has to constantly find time to not only carry out duties call i.e – Financing, Marketing, New Menu, Meeting Investor for future expansion etc.
Let’s face it, there is practically no extra time to train new staff that come and go, thus one of the services that we provide to our wholesale partners is that we provide training for the team and also conduct monthly coffee events to help boost our wholesale partners brand value.
How long will it take your coffee to reach my store?
Our roastery Is base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and often we partner with local courier companies that provide fast and reliable delivery to our wholesale partners, a general rule of thumb would be a 2 days average to reach locations that are outside of Kuala Lumpur where else it takes an average of 1 day for locations that are within Kuala Lumpur.
Do you offer syrups, powders and other products?
Coffee is our passion and our motivation, at the moment we don’t supply any of them BUT! We do have lots of contact of various friends within the beverage industry that carry many of these products which could suit your business needs, do talk to us for more info!
How quickly do you ship coffee after roasting?
In the specialty coffee world, you will always come across the word FRESHNESS many times as coffee freshness is key to quality tasting experiences.
However, that is not always the case as after coffee is roasted, they need some time to de-gas / releasing  of carbon dioxide for the flavors to develop and mature. The common practice in the industry is 3 days resting period for lighter roast coffees and 7 days resting period for more develop roast profiles, thus one of the services that we provide is storing the coffee beans for optimum resting period before the beans are shipped out.
These below are the courier services we current used:
How often do you cup your coffee during roasting?
As crazy as it sounds, at Ghostbird coffee roaster our daily practice is to cup every single batch of coffee that was roasted a day earlier, some may argue that the flavors is not developed or maybe is still too fresh etc.
The main goal and purpose of why we do what we do is consistency, by cupping every batch of coffee the next day, we are actually looking for defect coffee flavors, unwanted textures such as rubber or roasty texture. There is no other criteria that is as important as Consistency.
This is the key factor or what keep patrons coming back for more good tasty stuff.
Who roasts your coffee?
Ahah! Another common question that I received the most, We have an awesome hyper coffee roaster in our team –  Ted. He has been working in coffee for a long period of time and have develop their charisma and charm within the industry. You may spot him often either at our social media presence or pop–up events. Don’t be shy to say hi!
Do you offer direct-trade coffees?
I always believe sourcing coffee direct from the farm is one of the goals of every Specialty Coffee Roasting Company, we never had the necessary means to source direct from farm. until now, and you may have heard of it - SABARICA! Yes! Our own national pride, Arabica coffee species found in the highlands of Ranau in Sabah, a new coffee farm but dedicated to quality. Talk to us if you like to know more about the amazing journey that we experienced up there in the highlands.
Has your coffee won industry awards or been independently reviewed by coffee experts?
As a progressive coffee company, we do emphasis on constantly competing and joining various coffee sharing groups to share our coffee with other industry peers. The funny thing is, often times Ghostbird has never won any major awards nor win any competitions but we often get the crowd hype up and winning crowd favorites award. Pretty amazing to see how we interact with our lovely caffeine addicts.
What grade of coffee beans do you roast?
We only source Arabica beans that are cupping scores ranging from 80 points – 85 points Specialty Grade which is 1 notches higher than Commercial grade, depending on the product that we would love to present to our customers, for example our single origin coffees are at a higher grade than of espresso blend component.
There you have it, a brief Q & A that I receive most of the time as Ghostbird Coffee Wholesale Rep.
With that being said, I would like to share an article written by the Specialty Coffee Association on the topic “Adaptation: A Brief Look At The Changes In Specialty Wholesale Roasting” You may find the link here :
I often look back at how Ghostbird conduct itself as a Coffee Roasting Company to keep ourselves focus, accountable & reliable. One thing is for sure, We are a roasting company that prides itself in striving to provide tasty good coffee to the community of caffeine addicts.
As the saying goes: Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend and dogs may be a man’s trusted companion. But coffee keeps everyone happy.
Till next time,
Stay awesome caffeine addicts!

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