Ghostbird X Sabarica

Sabarica is a Malaysian coffee producer located in Sabah. Located at the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu at 1200-1500 meters, all of their Arabica coffee is harvested with love through sustainable management practices!

It wasn't always like this...

In the beginning, farmers lacked knowledge in growing coffee beans due to budget and constraints of distance. The founder of Sabarica, Jackz Lee tirelessly supported and educated the farmers in hopes of improving the coffee plantation.

Jackz is examining the quality of the coffee tree

Amazing Score of 83-87/100

The outcome was proved fruitful, as the farmers reaped their rewards after learning the secrets of the trade. Sabarica is working to set up cherries collection center and became the anchor buyer for every batch of coffee beans, giving the farmers more confidence in coffee farming projects.

Sabarica's coffee bean scored an amazing 83-87/100 to become Malaysia's specialty coffee!

Ripe Coffee Fruits

There were some setbacks as well..

In August 2022, Ghostbird's founder Thomas Ooi set foot on Sabarica's farm, hoping to bring back 500+kgs of Sabarica beans to be roasted. When he arrived there, he was greeted with shock...

The green beans were in a bad state, some were rotted, and other eaten or contaminated by insects. This was the impact of drying coffee cherries without a greenhouse, and Thomas felt very bad because this was the harvest from 3 months of hard work. All gone to waste.

Can you imagine working for 3 months, just to see your hard work go to waste?

Thomas and Jackz are holding the new Sabarica Products

Ghostbird has worked with Sabarica. This year, Ghostbird has worked together with Sabarica beans and launched coffee beans in three different processes. This helps more coffee lovers to experience and taste high-quality local coffee beans produced by dedicated farmers, and we hope that this will increase the farmer's income, leading them to a better life they deserve.

Fresh Sabarica Coffee Fruits

Support Sabarica's cause to put Malaysia on the global specialty coffee map!
Sabarica has a vision to produce 1 million kilograms of locally harvested coffee beans. We will continue to support them to achieve this vision of theirs, hoping Sabarica will become the iconic coffee in the Malaysian coffee bean industry. Let's put Malaysian home grown coffee on the map!

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