All About Espresso

by Ghostbird Coffee on January 15, 2021

Espresso is a brewing method that results in brewing by using Pressure from an espresso machine.

How much Pressure should we have to make Espresso? That answer is 9 bars of pressure!
The flow / taste sequence of Espresso during extractions are: Acidity First *5s - 13s of extraction Sweetness Second *14s - 25s of extraction Bitterness / Body Third *26s - 35s of extraction
Three important factors to brew Espresso
  • Freshness of the coffee
  • Coffee will start oxidizing after grind. Ideal to use within 5 minutes after grind.
  • The coffee grounds have to be fresh in order to brew a balanced tasty cup of espresso that is full of flavors.
Brew Ratio / Recipe
  • Understanding What Ratio To Start / use is crucial in knowing what type of espresso you are going to brew. ie 1:1 ratio / 1:2 ratio - A lower brew ratio will result your coffee tasting more intense, more body - A higher brew ratio will result your coffee tasting less intense, more flavor
Brew Time
  • Understanding how long is your brew time you need in order to achieve your ideal brew ratio will directly affect the taste balance of your espresso. Ideally we would look into the golden time - 28s to 35s.
  • To archive the ideal brew time, we would use Grind Size as an indicator. By grinding finer, our espresso flow will be slower. Vise Versa, by grinding coarser, our espresso flow will be faster.
  • A shorter brew time will result in an intense, sour and unbalanced espresso.
  • A longer brew time will result in a dry, bitter and astringent espresso.
Side Notes
  • Always ensure using a clean coffee grinder and clean portafilter basket when brewing espresso
  • Always tamp with a 90 degree tamping angle to avoid injury
  • When Dosing coffee grounds into the portafilter, ensure to build a mountain shape in the basket before level / distributing.

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