Aquacode Brewing Water
Aquacode Brewing Water
Aquacode Brewing Water
Aquacode Brewing Water

    Aquacode Brewing Water

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    Up your coffee game with Aquacode 100 % natural coffee brewing water.

    Made of deep-sea ionic minerals extracted 700m below sea level in the Pacific Ocean, Aquacode is designed to effectively manage the quality of brewing water and improve the extraction and taste of coffee. All the ingredients of this product are natural grade minerals and have been used by several national brewer’s cup champions for their competition.

    Aquacode research team found that a ratio of calcium and magnesium of 1:2.7 creates an ideal balance of acidity and sweetness, critical factors for great tasting specialty coffee, which can greatly improve the extraction of flavour substances in coffee and perfectly enhance the flavour.

    1 pack of Aquacode Black 7L is to be diluted with 7 litres of pure distilled water. 1 box contains 12 packs.

    How to use:
    1. Refer to the dilution chart for desired ratio and water required.
    2. Open the pack and pour into the water.
    3. Mix properly to achieve a coffee brewing water with the ratio of calcium and magnesium of 1:2.7

    We get that 7L is a lot of water to keep, here's a pro tip to make water storage easier.

    Make your own concentrate
    1. Get a 1L water flask and pour in 1L of distilled water.
    2. Add in 1 sachet of Aquacode Black and mix well.
    3. You’ll get a concentrate of approximately 520 - 540ppm, ready to be diluted with more distilled water when you want to brew. 

    Using a 1:7 ratio of concentrate to pure distilled water will yield approximately 75 - 90ppm brewing water. eg: Mix 50ml concentrate with 350ml pure distilled water.