Drip Bag Bundle
Drip Bag Bundle
Drip Bag Bundle
Drip Bag Bundle

    Drip Bag Bundle

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    A bundle set of 2 boxes at RM50.

    Drip bag coffee is very convenient and easy to brew a fresh cup of cafe style specialty coffee anywhere and at any time.

    At home, the office, out travelling or just to kick start a wonderful morning. All we need is just a mug and hot water.

    >>>>> Each box contains 6 sachets of drip bag coffee <<<<<

    Chocolaty ---> Milkyway blend
    Brazil | Indonesia
    Roast Level: Medium Dark
    Tasting notes: Chocolate Aroma, Dark Chocolate Sweetness, Full Body, Hazelnut Finish

    Fruity --> Ethiopia Sidama Arbegona
    Roast Level: Medium 
    Tasting notes: Bergamot, White Musk, Nectarine

    Fruity --> Colombia Las Veraneras Pink Bourbon
    Roast Level: Medium-Light
    Tasting notes: Cacao Nibs, Raisin, Blackcurrent

    Brewing Guide:
    1. Tear off the drip bag along the dot line
    2. Pull out the hangers and hang them in your mug
    3. Pour over 30ml hot water for 30 seconds for blooming
    4. Slowly pour the remaining 120ml water
    (Total water: 150ml, Total Brewing Time: 2 minutes)
    5. Remove the drip bag & Enjoy!