Fundamentals of Filter Brewing

    Fundamentals of Filter Brewing

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    Ghostbird's filter brewing class is for anyone who is curious about making beautiful coffee at home, or anyone already making coffee who wants to learn more and improve their skills. When done well, filter brew methods produce an excellent cup of coffee with great clarity of flavour.

    This workshop introduces you to filter coffee, specifically pour-over, where we will be using the V60 pour-over brewers. You will learn brewing theory while you're practicing, and develop your skill and sensory ability while you learn how the variables affect the tastes, flavours and textures of the coffee.

    Event Details:

    Date: 27 April 2024 (Saturday)
    Time: 10am - 1pm
    Venue: Ghostbird Coffee Roastery, Seputeh
    Pax: 4 pax / session
    Trainer: Jia Heng | Ghostbird Head Roaster and MBrC '23 finalist

    This class contains the following content:

    • Introduction to coffee - what is specialty coffee
    • Pouring technique – practicing by using V60 with several variables
    • Sensory training - how to adjust the recipes to make your coffee taste just the way you like it

    This class is ideal for:

    • Home Brewers
    • Professional Baristas


    • No experience is required


    Looking to get a filter brewing equipment starter kit with your class? Click here.